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For All Devices

  • Mobile optimized application process
  • 70% of candidates apply with a smartphone
  • Simple and easy to use on all devices

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Advertisements & Career Page

  • Job ads with your corporate branding
  • Target group-specific career page
  • All-in-one solution for your recruiting process

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  • You create and enter the job only once
  • With one click on over 240 job portals
  • You can save valuable time and money

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Data Protection

  • 100% EU-DSGVO compliant
  • Save high costs for IT systems
  • Highest security standards, SSL encrypted

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Video Interview

  • A video says more than a 1000 pictures
  • Live and time-shifted video interviews
  • In addition, there is the option of an application video

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Your Custom-Designed Application Process

  • Design your own application forms
  • Individually adapted for each position
  • Application possible in one minute

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  • Data is extracted from the CV
  • No manual data entry necessary
  • Streamlined and simple application process

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Rejection Management

  • Personalized rejection management
  • Reject several applicants with one click
  • Time-saving and professional HR Admin

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Help with Evaluation of Applicants

  • Automatic classification in A/B/C
  • No more endless folders in Outlook
  • Structures all documents in one place

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Preparation of the Candidates

  • Collaborate with each other, EU-DSGVO compliant
  • Include team leaders in the process
  • No data stored on local devices

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Different Communication Channels

  • Chat communication between the HR and the applicant
  • Automated emails
  • Pre-defined templates

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Talent Pool

  • EU-DSGVO compliant Talent Pool
  • Talents have full access to their data
  • You save on recruitment costs

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Interaction with the Applicants

  • Organize appointments in the blink of an eye
  • Automatic calendar entry in Outlook etc.
  • Massive simplification of processes

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Job Archive

  • Re-open jobs that have already been posted
  • Re-publish with just a few clicks
  • Time savings at work

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Statistics & KPI's

  • The duration of filling a job post
  • Source of applications
  • More efficient planning for future jobs

cvmanager - The Recruiting Solution 4.0

With us, you do not have any expensive monthly or annual licenses. We offer a customized billing option based on the days when you have an active and open job post - NO vacancies, NO costs

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