Social Recruiting

  • Social Recruiting has been the latest buzzword in the HR industry - and for a good reason!

  • Instead of passively waiting to see whether the right candidates will apply to your job post, Social Recruiting takes a proactive approach and directly targets the right talent pool. In this way, we are able to reach not only the candidates who actively search for a job on job portals but also passive candidates who still might be interested in switching jobs. And for this purpose, Social Recruiting is probably the only way to go.

  • The use of social media in recruitment has shown excellent results since 79% of candidates use social media platforms to search for jobs. This is exactly why Social Recruiting works much better than traditional recruitment efforts.

  • HR staff got aware of this talent pool available on social media, which is why surveys show that 94% of recruiters already use social media to recruit candidates.


  • Well-planned campaign strategy and targeting

  • A clear ad copy and call to action statement

  • An increased employer brand awareness and online presence

  • Candidates apply directly on your career page which increases your website traffic

  • Constant optimization throughout the campaign to get the best results possible

  • Reaching passive job seekers - something that cannot be done with job portals

  • Getting the right job ad in front of the right candidate

  • Shorter recruitment time and a much more efficient process

  • Mobile-friendly ads since the majority of candidates apply through their phones

How do we start?

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    Choose a Module

    Choose a model that best fits your requirements

  • 2
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    Vacancy Description

    Describe your job vacancy so that we identify the ideal target persona

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    Employee Benefits

    Give us 5 unique value propositions that differentiate you from your competitors

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    Ad Mockup

    We create your job ad mockup and send it to you for approval

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    Campaign Launch

    Once approved, we launch your campaign!


Facebook Sponsored Job Ad
Instagram Sponsored Job Ad
Creation of Visuals and Ad Copy
Profile-Targeted Candidate Approach
Constant Ad Optimization
Duration: 30 days
Facebook Sponsored Job Ad
Instagram Sponsored Job Ad
Creation of Visuals and Ad Copy
Profile-Targeted Candidate Approach
Constant Ad Optimization
Duration: 60 days

Show the right ad in front of the right talent!

Forget traditional recruitment methods and take advantage of the huge talent pool present on social media.

Ready to feel the benefits of Social Recruiting?


Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

Over 79% of potential candidates search for jobs on social media. This means that there’s a huge untapped talent pool on Facebook and Instagram. The number one advantage of social recruiting when compared to traditional recruitment methods is that we are able to reach not only active job seekers but also passive ones. This is never the case with recruitment agencies or job platforms. With social recruiting, we show the right ad in front of the right candidate. Not only that this brings you a higher quality of applicants but it also brings traffic to your website and promotes your employer brand by default.

As of March 31, 2019, Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly active users. According to statistics as well as our own previous experience, Facebook (and in some cases, Instagram) is the number one platform for reaching all types of different talents. That’s why we will decide, hand-in-hand with you, if for your campaign we’re going to be using Facebook only or Facebook and Instagram in combination.

The number of people reached is relative, depending on the Module you choose, the region, the length of the campaign, and the profile you’re looking for. After launching your job ad campaign, we constantly monitor the performance of the ad and we optimize the targeting or daily budget allocated whenever necessary. With this, we avoid unnecessary expenses and we use your budget as efficiently as possible to get maximum results.

Of course! Before launching a job ad for our clients, we always send them a so-called ‘ad-mockup’ so that they can see how the ad will look like when it’s launched on Facebook and/or Instagram. Furthermore, it would be extremely helpful for us if you give us certain company directions in regards to the ad - tone of voice, company branding, etc. All of this is so that we’re able to create a perfect visual and ad copy that will convert the best.

Ideally, we would need a detailed job description, a description of the profile of your ideal target persona, as well as your most pronounced company values that differentiate you from other companies in your industry. We need these things in order to be able to create the job ad as accurately and attractively as possible.

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