• Why should I apply to this company?

  • What is the company's corporate culture like?

  • Who works in this company?

Yes, these are precisely the questions that today's talented people are asking themselves.
Let us work together on your employer brand to help you position yourself as an even better employer and attract more applicants.

We support you in placing your company in the best possible position among the talents!

  • Career Page

    Employer branding starts on your own career page. Almost 85% of potential employees inform themselves on the career page of the company.

  • Trigger Emotions

    We evoke emotions in the talents. We do this with the latest technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. This allows the talents to experience your company from a different perspective.

  • Consistency

    Employer branding is like a good wine - the older the better. This is how we continuously and consistently build your employer brand.

We will discuss the following topics with you:

  • The recruitment process of today
  • How to integrate personnel marketing into HR processes
  • Personnel marketing 4.0
  • Employer branding as a holistic marketing instrument
  • How we can optimally position your employer brand on the Internet
  • How Social Media affects personnel recruiting
  • What are the expectations of "Generation Y" and how to retain them in a company?
  • HR Performance Marketing
  • E-Recruiting: costs, benefits and controlling approaches
  • Legal framework (EU-DSGVO and obligation to notify authorities in Switzerland)

Your Benefits

  • We position you as an innovative employer

  • We build a positive and affirmative employer brand for you

  • We offer you a free initial consultation with a duration of 40 - 60 minutes

  • We perform a complete HR check-up for you

  • Once the objectives have been defined, we will submit an offer to you

With us, you attract attention as an employer - Employer Branding

We position your employer brand hand in hand with you so that the potential talents notice and recognize you on the market.

We are ready - are you ready as well?

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