We bring people and companies together.

With vyou we simplify the application process for talents immensely. Ideally, applications can be submitted with just a few clicks.

The intelligent administration of application data using templates enables applicants to drastically simplify the often tedious application procedure.

How can this help a company that uses the cvmanager? Well, potential applicants already have a positive impression on their first contact with your company. This increases your attractiveness as an employer even before the first job interview.

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Your Application

  • Apply with just one click
  • You decide who sees your application
  • You decide how long the application is visible

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Online Dossier

  • Apply comfortably via your mobile phone
  • Create your account via Facebook etc.
  • Full control over your data

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Design Templates

  • Personalize your application
  • Over 40 design templates
  • Set yourself apart from other applicants

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Adjustable Application

  • Add more experience at any time
  • Edit your application via mobile phone
  • Give your application that extra edge and flair

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Video Application

  • Apply via Video
  • Present yourself in the best light
  • Videos say more than a 1000 words

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Keep an Overview

  • An overview of all your applications
  • Receive invitations and appointments
  • Don't miss any deadlines