Das richtige Tool für ihr Bewerbermanagement.

With our cvmanager you record your job advertisements and manage the applicants efficiently. We have developed the cvmanager so that HR experts in SMEs can optimize talent acquisition.

We have developed the cvmanager focusing on the fact that the tool adapts flexibly to your needs and greatly simplifies your work by increasing efficiency.

cvmanager - das moderne recruiting tool für KMU

Möchten Sie erfahren, wie Sie Ihren Recruiting-Prozess optimieren können?

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Core Features

responsive Computer Laptop Tablet Icon

For All Devices

  • Mobile optimized application process
  • 70% of candidates apply with a smartphone
  • Simple and easy to use on all devices

Auswahl Bewerber Personen Icon

Advertisements & Career Page

  • Job ads with your corporate branding
  • Target group-specific career page
  • All-in-one solution for your recruiting process

Multiposting Netzwerk Verbindung Icon


  • You create and enter the job only once
  • With one click on over 240 job portals
  • You can save valuable time and money

DSGVO Datenschutz Icon

Data Protection

  • 100% EU-GDPR compliant
  • Save high costs for IT systems
  • Highest security standards, SSL encrypted

Kamera Video Aufnahme Icon

Video Interview

  • A video tells more than a 1000 pictures
  • Live and time-shifted video interviews
  • In addition, there is the option of an application video

Zeit Uhr läuft Icon

Your Custom-Designed Application Process

  • Design your own application forms
  • Individually adapted for each position
  • Application possible in one minute

Lebenslauf Bewerbung schreiben Icon


  • Data is extracted from the CV
  • No manual data entry necessary
  • Streamlined and simple application process

Netzwerk Personal Icon

Rejection Management

  • Personalized rejection management
  • Reject several applicants with one click
  • Time-saving and professional HR Admin

Bewerbung Lebenslauf Check Icon

Help with Evaluation of Applicants

  • Automatic classification in A/B/C
  • No more endless folders in Outlook
  • Structures all documents in one place

Messaging Computer Chat Icon

Preparation of the Candidates

  • Collaborate with each other, EU-GDPR compliant
  • Include team leaders in the process
  • No data stored on local devices

Brief Mail Icon

Different Communication Channels

  • Chat communication between the HR and the applicant
  • Automated emails
  • Pre-defined templates

Suchen Bewerber Icon

Talent Pool

  • EU-GDPR compliant Talent Pool
  • Talents have full access to their data
  • You save on recruitment costs

Interview Besprechung Meeting Gespräch Icon

Interaction with the Applicants

  • Organize appointments in the blink of an eye
  • Automatic calendar entry in Outlook etc.
  • Massive simplification of processes

Inserat Stellenanzeige Jobanzeige Icon

Job Archive

  • Re-open jobs that have already been posted
  • Re-publish with just a few clicks
  • Time savings at work

statistik icon

Statistics & KPI's

  • The duration of filling a job post
  • Source of applications
  • More efficient planning for future jobs

cvmanager - The Recruiting Solution 4.0

With us, you do not have any expensive monthly or annual licenses. We offer a customized billing option based on the days when you have an active and open job post - NO vacancies, NO costs

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